Water quality reclaimed water (reuse) permits

The reclaimed water program is designed to promote the use of reclaimed water in Colorado. It includes requirements for reclaimed water to meet minimal standards, and for treaters and users of reclaimed water to employ best management practices and oversee its use.


Please use the form to submit your application to the division.

For guidance on this form and the submission process please refer to the guidance document.

Prior to completing a Letter of Intent to Treat Reclaimed Water, Water Quality Planning Targets may be needed, and Engineering Review is required. Follow the links below for information on these processes.

Complete one of the following Letters of Intent to treat and supply reclaimed water.

Complete the applicable UPC Application to use of reclaimed water.

Do not complete a new User Plan to Comply form for the following reasons:

  • Changing a contact.

  • Transferring ownership of an existing Notice of Authorization.

  • Modifying your Notice of Authorization.

  • Terminating your Notice of Authorization.

Use the appropriate forms below for these changes.

Annual Report

Annual report for use of reclaimed water

Policies and Guidelines

Reclaimed Water External Resources

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