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Water quality reclaimed water (reuse) permits

The reclaimed water program is designed to promote the use of reclaimed water in Colorado. It includes requirements for reclaimed water to meet minimal standards, and for treaters and users of reclaimed water to employ best management practices and oversee its use.

Attention Treaters and Users with Reclaimed Water Impoundments

The Regulation 84 Rulemaking in 2022 established requirements (Regulation 84, Sections 84.6(F)(10) and 84.10(A)(14)) for impoundments containing reclaimed water to either:

  • Meet the allowable seepage rate in Regulation 61.14(9)(a) and obtain a seepage waiver, or
  • Obtain a surface or groundwater discharge permit.  

Treaters must work with their Users to submit a Seepage Waiver Application for Reclaimed Water Impoundment for each impoundment that contains reclaimed water. 

If liner specifications were submitted to the division with a UPC/UASMP in previous years, submit your COEXXXXXX number to Brandi Honeycutt ( who will determine if a seepage waiver application is not needed because the impoundment liner has already been approved.

Email the application to the division.
Please include “Seepage Waiver Application for Reclaimed Water Impoundment” in the subject line.

The division encourages Treaters and their Users to submit this application as soon as possible to ensure ample time for Division review, issuance of seepage waivers, and/or further instructions or potential compliance schedule. 

All reclaimed water impoundments must meet these conditions by August 14, 2027.


Please use the Clean Water Permit Application submission form to submit applications to the division (except for the Seepage Waiver Application for Reclaimed Water Impoundment. Use the email address for this application ONLY).

For guidance on this form and the submission process please refer to the guidance document.

Treater Applications and Authorizations

Guidance for becoming an authorized reclaimed water treatment facility

Step-by-step guidance is available for new and existing facilities applying to treat and distribute reclaimed water (also applies to discharging wastewater treatment facilities switching to reclaimed water treatment and use).

Water Quality Planning Targets (WQPT’s) Application and Engineering Review

Prior to completing a Treater Application, a Reclaimed Water Quality Planning Target Application must be completed and submitted to the division. Instructions to email the WQPT Application are on page one of the application.

Treater Applications

Complete one of the following Treater Applications to treat and distribute reclaimed water. The Site Approval letter will indicate if the treatment system is a localized or centralized system.

User Applications and Authorizations

Complete the applicable User Application and Site Management Plan (UASMP) to use reclaimed water. Questions regarding the UASMP should be directed to the authorized Treater that will supply the User with reclaimed water.

Other reclaimed water applications

Submit the appropriate application below for changes made per Regulation 84.6(E)(7) for Treaters, and 84.9(E)(5) for Users. Do not complete a new UASMP form for changing a contact, modifying or terminating a Treater or User Authorization.

Annual Report

Annual report for use of reclaimed water

Policies and Guidelines

Reclaimed Water External Resources

Brandi Honeycutt, Permits Section


Liz Lemonds, Compliance Unit