Regulation 22

Site Location and Design Regulations for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works

wastewater treatment ponds

Stakeholder work groups could not reach a consensus on two items during the stakeholder work leading up to the Water Quality Control Commission (Commission) hearing for Regulation 22: Site Location and Design Regulations for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works in March 2020.  The workgroup agreed to not include these two topics in the rulemaking hearing and continue discussing these topics following the Commission hearing and the development of the Regulation 22 Implementation Policy.  

Discussion is continuing on these unresolved items: 1) finding an agreed pathway for historical infrastructure that exists but does not appear to have site location and design approval; and 2) exploring the possibility of construction flexibility through the site location and design application processes.

The Water Quality Forum agreed at its annual retreat held July 8 and 9, 2021 to establish a work group aimed at preparing for a future rulemaking hearing. 

The division is now hosting routing discussions to determine the feasibility of future regulatory changes for construction flexibility and historical infrastructure that does not have documentation demonstrating site location and design approval. Stakeholder meetings occur on the last Monday of each month until May 2023. Sign up for email notifications and learn more about meetings using the buttons below.