Wastewater Design Criteria

wastewater treatment plant with sunrise

The Design Criteria for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works also known as Policy WPC-DR-1, is a key policy used as a basis for reviewing and making determinations of design applications for domestic wastewater treatment works in Colorado. The division routinely updates the document to maintain industry standards and alternative technologies with input from stakeholders. 

The division initiated a stakeholder process in 2021 and asked for feedback on concepts and portions of the wastewater design criteria where updating, drafting, or clarifications are needed. You can review the proposed updates to the policy and the division's response to stakeholder feedback using the buttons below.


How to get involved

Engagement overview

The division anticipates preparing a draft update for stakeholder review in Fall 2021. At that time, the division intends to host a stakeholder meeting to discuss the proposed updates. The final language for updates is expected to be completed by December 2021. The process will include advanced notification to stakeholders, including domestic wastewater utilities, and engineering firms that have signed up for email notifications related to Regulation 22. To ensure you receive notifications of this process, sign up for email notifications. 


For more information, please contact David Kurz at david.kurz@state.co.us.