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Guidance Document for Company Emission Reduction Plans

Throughout 2022, the Midstream Steering Committee developed a draft guidance document to provide direction and clarification to midstream operators in creating their Company Emission Reduction Plans. The draft guidance document was available for a public comment period that closed on January 31, 2023.

The public comment period is complete, but the draft documents can still be accessed HERE.  

The Committee is now reviewing the received comments, and will publish the final guidance document in March 2023. All midstream owners or operators must submit their Company Emission Reduction Plan, consistent with the guidance, by September 30, 2023.

During the public comment period, the Division and Midstream Steering Committee held two (2) public comment and feedback sessions, and an orientation/Q&A session. Access the recordings below:


Committee purpose and process

The operation of fuel combustion equipment (such as engines, heaters, reboilers, and boilers) in the oil and gas midstream segment is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Regulation No. 22, Part B, Section III established the Midstream Steering Committee (MSC), which is a technical working group tasked with developing guidance and plans to achieve statewide reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from oil & gas midstream fuel combustion equipment, culminating in a rule proposal to the Air Quality Control Commission in 2024.  The work of the MSC is an important part of the actions to be taken, pursuant to HB 21-1266, to ensure that the state meets its greenhouse gas reduction targets for the industrial sector in the GHG Roadmap.

The MSC is composed of representatives from several groups, including the electric utility sector; the midstream segment; local governments; and the general public (including environmental organizations and representatives of a disproportionately impacted community).

A step in this process is a requirement for all midstream segment owners or operators to develop and submit a company-specific emission reduction plan that explores reduction options, due in September 2023 (Regulation No. 22, Part B, Section III.D.4.)  

The duties of the MSC include information gathering, creation of guidance documents, and development of a segment-wide emission reduction plan. For more details on the duties, deadlines, and required representation of the MSC, refer to the Committee Charter, and Regulation No. 22, Part B, Section III.     


Meeting information

Meetings are held by Zoom videoconference, and members of the public are welcome to attend meetings as an observer. Registration is required to attend a meeting.

The next meeting is Wednesday, April 19 at 1-3pm MDT. To register to attend a meeting please complete this form.

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Meeting calendar and video recordings

Committee meetings are scheduled through March 2024: Calendar v2

Recordings of all meetings can be found here: meeting recordings.



Andy Gruel, Air Pollution Control Division andrew.gruel@state.co.us