Water quality: Draft permit actions

The division is seeking public input on the draft permit actions listed below.  Anyone can submit comments. You usually have 30 days to make comments on the proposed action, check the exact deadline in the permit list below. Contacts for each permit action are also included in the list below. Comments may be addressed to the listed contact.
Questions about public notice actions or requests for hard copies of drafts can be made by phone:

​Contact 303-692-3517 Dial 0 for live assistance (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri) or leave a message.
Beginning with the August 13, 2020 Public Notice, the Water Quality Control Division has piloted new methods to improve the effectiveness of the public comment process. The division has found that the previous process, whereby permittees submitted formal letters as PDFs that then needed to be transferred into charts and organized, takes considerable permit section resources that are better spent on calculations and research, evaluating and responding to these comments, and drafting the final permits for issuance.
From August to December 2020, the division used public comments. For more information about the Google form, please refer to the FAQ for New Public Comment Process. We appreciate everyone who used this form and gave feedback.

Starting in January 2021, the division is piloting a Public Comment Template with a chart for you to add comments instead. This chart allows for more flexibility by commenters than the Google form, but still organizes the comments in a way that will allow the division to more easily review and respond. There is no character or word limit for this chart.

  • Here is a link to the permit comment template chart in Microsoft Word.  
  • Please use this template for all substantive comments on permits noticed in January and afterwards. If you would like the division to review additional reference documents, please describe and reference them in the comment chart. 
  • Please email the comments as a Microsoft Word document to the permit writer. If you would like, please feel free to submit the comments as a PDF as well but we will be using the Word for our responses. 

​2021 Public notice schedule

Jan. 14, Feb. 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, Aug. 12, Sept. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9.
​Public Notice Summaries

April 08, 2021 Public Notice Summary

March 11, 2021 Public Notice Summary

February 11, 2021 Public Notice Summary



Permit number/
Permit writer
Public Notice Documents
Permit Records
Modification 3
Domestic Individual
Upper Blue Sanitation District
Iowa Hill Reclamation Facility
Blue River
Summit County
Nathan Bradley
45420    Documents CO0045420 4/08/2021 5/10/2021
Modification 1
Domestic Individual
Town of Gypsum
Gypsum WWTF
Eagle River
Eagle County
Nathan Bradley
48830    Documents CO0048830 4/08/2021 5/10/2021
Modification 1
Domestic Individual
City of Westminster
Big Dry Creek WWTF
Big Dry Creek and Farmers Highline Canal
Adams County
Jon Wallace
24171    Documents CO0024171 3/11/2021 4/12/2021
Modification 1
Domestic Individual
Eagle River Water & Sanitation District
Eagle River
Eagle County
Jon Wallace
24431    Documents CO0024431 3/11/2021 4/12/2021
Modification 2
Industrial Individual
Trapper Mine Inc
Trapper Mine
Johnson Gulch, No-Name Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Ute Gulch, Pyeatt Gulch, Buzzard Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Sage
Gulch, Oak Gulch, Horse Gulch, Flume Gulch, Deal Gulch, Deacon Gulch, Jeffway Gulch.
Moffat County
Erin Scott
32115    Documents CO0032115 3/11/2021 4/12/2021

Modification 2

City of Evans
Hill n' Park Consolidated WWTF
South Platte River
Weld County
Jon Wallace
47287    Documents CO0047287 3/11/2021 4/12/2021








Proposed Withdrawal of Permitting Policy WQP-5

The Water Quality Control Division is proposing to withdraw its Permit Policy for Mining Activities permitting policy (WQP-5, published in 1987). The division will accept comment on the proposed withdrawal for 30 days (until May 8, 2021). Comments may be sent to meg.parish@state.co.us. The division will consider, but will not necessarily respond to, public comments in its final decision regarding this policy.

The Permit Policy for Mining Activities policy has several errors and is inconsistent with policy WQP-1, Permit Inactivation Policy When a Discharge Remains.  Further, WQP-5 includes guidance which is not consistent with or does not incorporate current regulations, including federal Effluent Limit Guidelines (ELGs); 5 CCR 1002-31, Regulation No. 31, Basic Standards and Methodologies for Surface Water,  which requires protection of beneficial uses; and federal and state stormwater regulations promulgated subsequent to this policy.  Therefore, the division proposes to withdraw WQP-5.


The draft EPA 2021 Pesticide General Permit in the chart below has been received by the Water Quality Control Division. In Colorado, this permit only applies to the discharge of pesticides from federal facilities (like Department of Defense bases, the Denver Federal Center, and federal prisons). The State of Colorado has its own pesticides permit for non-federal dischargers, https://cdphe.colorado.gov/water-quality-aquatic-pesticides-permit.   

Under section 401 of the Clean Water Act a federal agency may not issue a permit or license to conduct any activity that may result in any discharge into waters of the United States unless a state issues a Section 401 water quality certification that the discharge will comply with the Clean Water Act, Colorado water quality protections (including standards and antidegradation protections), and Colorado law. The division can issue a regular certification with no additional conditions, a conditional certification with additional conditions necessary to ensure compliance with existing water quality standards and other protections, or deny certification because the permit will lead to a violation of Colorado law or water quality protections. 

The division has made a draft determination that no additional conditions are necessary for this permit to ensure compliance with with the Clean Water Act, Colorado water quality protections (including standards and antidegradation protections), and Colorado law. If you have comments on this draft determination, please send them to John Nieland at john.nieland@state.co.us by May 8, 2021. 








EPA 2021 Pesticide General Permit. Full permit and fact sheet can be found at:


Point source discharges of biological pesticides and chemical pesticides that leave a residue from federal facilities in Colorado Federal facilities throughout Colorado Various throughout Colorado No additional conditions (regular certification)