Colorado Regulation No. 8 Part B - Asbestos rule revision


On January 22, 2021, the Air Quality Control Commission adopted the proposed revisions to Colorado Regulation Number 8, Part B. Some of the revisions require information to be submitted on new forms. The Air Pollution Control Division (Division) is working to draft these forms and will soon be soliciting feedback from the regulated community.

It is anticipated that the revised regulation will take effect on or about March 17, 2021. In order to have these forms ready for use, the Division anticipates that it will begin sending out draft forms the week of February 15. A review period will be established and a meeting or meetings will be held (virtually) at the end of the period to discuss comments.

If you would like to participate in this review and are not yet registered, please use the link under the E-Mailing list section. Check the box marked Asbestos Stakeholder Process-CO Reg No. 8, Part B


Process to Review and Revise Regulation No. 8, Part B

The Air Pollution Control Division (Division) is providing this second red-line document of proposed revisions to Regulation 8, Part B, which can be found here. Changes made since the first document have been highlighted in yellow. These proposed changes have been made based on meetings held with stakeholders who provided written comments on the initial document.

On April 30, 2020, the Division provided a red-line of the proposed revisions to Regulation 8, Part B which can be found here. In response to stakeholders' concerns regarding the timeline, the Request for Hearing dates have been pushed back. This will allow more time for stakeholders to review the proposed revisions and work with the Division on the proposed revisions. Therefore, in October 2020, the Division plans to ask the Air Quality Control Commission (Commission) to set a rulemaking hearing. The Division anticipates the Commission to hold a rulemaking hearing on proposed changes to Regulation 8, Part B in January 2021.

Four stakeholder meetings were held to discuss the timeline and proposed revisions. Below please find the presentation from each meeting. The Division anticipates holding another stakeholder meeting prior to October 2020. Please continue to check this site for updates.  


Written comments to the proposed redlines

The Division requested that stakeholders submit written comments regarding proposed red-lined revisions by May 20, 2020. However, the Division will continue to accept written comments on the proposed revisions provided to stakeholders on April 30, 2020. Submit comments or questions on rulemaking efforts with the subject line: "Regulation No. 8 - Asbestos Revision Comments" to: cdphe.commentsapcd@state.co.us

Written comments in general:

The Division will continue to take written comments and work with stakeholders through all of the processes. Submit comments or questions on rulemaking efforts with the subject line: "Regulation No. 8 - Asbestos Revision Comments" to: cdphe.commentsapcd@state.co.us 

Please see these tips for providing written comments and being involved in the public process. 


Emailing List and Division Contact

Register at APCD Mailing List to be part of the stakeholder process and receive updates for all upcoming activities. Please continue to visit this page as it will be updated throughout the process.

For more information on the AQCC process, please visit the AQCC website and continue to check this webpage for updates throughout the process. 


Laura Manyak (f/k/a Shumpert)