Clean water fees


Approximately a third of the Water Quality Control Division’s clean water work is supported by permit fees. Currently there are application fees, annual fees, and modification fees for every permit and permit certification. The exact amount of these fees is stated in Section 25-8-502.2(1.1) of the Water Quality Control Act (starting on page 38 of this PDF) and we encourage you to review the Act for the best information.

As a courtesy to permittees, we are also posting a summary table of permit fees. Note this is just a summary and the most accurate fee information can still be found in the Water Quality Control Act. 

For questions about billing please contact permits support staff:    303-692-3517
During hours 8-5 enter 0 to get transferred to a live support person.
During other hours, please leave a message.


Refinance Water Pollution Control Program (HB17-1285)

The legislatures passed the clean water fee bill, House Bill 17-1285, in 2017. The bill represents an agreement between stakeholders, the Water Quality Control Division and the legislature regarding program fees. The bill requires an annual report be submitted to the legislature every March.

Annual Fee Bill Reports

Stakeholder process - archive

Documents from the 2016 Phase III and 2014 Phase I fee structure discussions