Get a pile smoke permit


If you have 50 or fewer piles to burn in the current calendar year in this project and each pile is small enough that it will be out cold by sunset, then you may apply for a simpler open burning smoke permit instead of a smoke management permit.


The Colorado Clean Airshed Management Portal (CO-CAMP) is now live!  Please submit all permit applications through CO-CAMP going forward.  A guidance document to create a new account and to utilize the new system can be found here.

To create a new account on CO-CAMP, submit a new pile or broadcast application, or to renew a previous permit:


At times when CO-CAMP is inaccessible please use the below resources:

If you have any questions, please contact Mathew Brattain (mathew.brattain@state.co.us) or Scott Landes (scott.landes@state.co.us