Public protections from toxic air contaminants


On June 2, 2022 HB22-1244 relating to Public Protections from Toxic Air Contaminants was signed into law. This law creates a new program in CDPHE to regulate toxic air contaminants.

Key elements of the bill include:

  • the creation of an air toxics monitoring program; 
  • a requirement for certain sources to submit annual toxic air contaminant emission reports; and
  • a requirement for the Air Pollution Control Division to conduct a needs assessment for administration of an air toxics permitting program.

The bill also directs the Air Quality Control Commission to:

  • Evaluate gaps in air toxics reporting and consider revisions to an air toxics reporting program; 
  • Identify priority air toxics; for each priority pollutant:
    • Establish health-based standards for General Assembly Approval; and
    • Develop emission control regulations.

Revised Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) List (December 2023)

HB22-1244 required APCD to post an initial list of covered toxic air contaminants by October 1st, 2022. The latest list of Toxic Air Contaminants can be found here:


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