Water quality grants

Grant forms

These forms only apply to small community grants and water quality improvement fund grants. When clicked, they will show a preview (download by clicking the down arrow in the upper right hand of the screen). You will need to complete the form on your device and then submit.

Lead testing at public schools grant program

Small communities water and wastewater grants

Water and wastewater projects that protect public health and water quality for small communities.

Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) grants

Wastewater, or stormwater projects to improve water quality

State Revolving Fund Grants

Planning grants and/or design and engineering grants associated with State Revolving Fund requirements

Regulation 55

    Grants currently not available

    Natural disaster grants

    • Projects are for domestic wastewater treatment works or public drinking water systems that have been impacted, damaged, or destroyed in connection with a natural disaster (e.g. the September 2013 floods).
      • Funds may cover the costs of planning, design, construction, improvement, renovation or reconstruction.
      • The grant awards may only be used in counties for which the governor has declared a disaster emergency by executive order or proclamation.

    Small systems training and technical assistance (SSTTA) grants

    • Helps small systems with costs associated with planning and designs.
      • Grants are available to communities with populations under 10,000 and with median household income (MHI) less than 80 percent of Colorado or where current/post-project water monthly rates are equal to or greater than the state average.
      • Applications will be prioritized based on the criteria in the Drinking Water Intended Use Plan, Appendix A or G.
      • Communities can apply for financial assistance up to $20,000.