Reg. 64 - Biosolids and PFAS

Wastewater treatment system

In early 2022, the division plans to evaluate if any interim changes are needed to Regulation 64 and/or its implementing authorizations, policies, and practices to address potential risks associated with PFAS in biosolids. 

In Colorado, Regulation 64 is the biosolids regulation and it establishes requirements, prohibitions, standards, and concentration limitations on the use of biosolids as a fertilizer and/or organic soil amendment in a manner that protects public health and prevents the discharge of pollutants into state waters. The EPA is in the process of conducting a risk-based evaluation of PFAS in biosolids, but it is expected to take a few years. The division plans to evaluate if any changes are needed at this time prior to the availability of more information on the potential for risks associated with PFAS in biolsolids.

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