Reg. 73 - Chatfield Reservoir Control

Chatfield State Park, 2014

In March 2021, the Water Quality Control Commission held a triennial review informational hearing for Regulation 73.  During that TRIH, the division and other stakeholders requested a limited-scope rulemaking hearing (RMH), although the scope was not finalized at that time.  During 2021, the division initiated a stakeholder process to refine the scope for a Regulation 73 RMH.  In February 2022, the WQCC approved the proposed scope for a March 2023 RMH. 

The division is continuing the stakeholder process during 2022 to consider revisions for a draft proposal for changes to Regulation 73.  The division, with stakeholders, will develop a proposal for the Regulation 73 rulemaking hearing scheduled for March 13, 2023. The proposal will be within the scope set by the Water Quality Control Commission in February 2022.