Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Management and Audit Program for Manufacturing in Colorado: Rulemaking Information

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division (Division) is proposing a regulation for a Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Management for Manufacturers in Colorado (GEMM). Statute from House Bill 19-1261 requires that Colorado achieve economy-wide goals to reduce 2025 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 26%, 2030 GHG emissions by at least 50%, and 2050 GHG emissions by at least 90% compared to Colorado's GHG emissions total in 2005. 

Statute from recently passed House Bill 21-1266 requires facilities that show they are using GHG Best Available Control Technologies and Energy Best Management Practices to achieve an additional 5% reduction in their GHG emissions. These requirements are being addressed in phase one of the GEMM rulemaking. House Bill 1266 also requires Colorado's manufacturing sector as a whole to reduce their emissions 20% by 2030, based on 2015 reported emissions, which will be addressed in a second phase of the GEMM rulemaking in 2022. 

The proposed rule applies to four facilities in Colorado:

  1. Evraz Steel Mill in Pueblo
  2. Holcim-Portland Plant in Florence
  3. GCC Rio Grande in Pueblo
  4. Cemex Construction Materials South in Lyons

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