Storage tank, cross-connection, public notice, and sanitary survey - stakeholder

The department proposed minor modifications to the Storage Tank Rule and Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Rule and a modification to two other sections of the regulations (Public Notification and Sanitary Survey rules) to improve clarity. The department has completed the stakeholder effort on this topic and presented these modifications to the Water Quality Control Commission. The Commission has approved all proposed modifications.  
The Storage Tank Rule (Regulation 11, Section 28) protects public health and public water systems from potential contamination associated with unprotected storage tanks within the public water system’s drinking water distribution system. The intent of the modifications is to provide additional flexibility to water systems while continuing to protect public health. 
The Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Rule (Regulation 11, Section 11.39) protects public health from contamination associated with cross-connections and backflow events. The department proposed three changes that will lessen the burden on water systems while still protecting public health.  
The revisions to the Sanitary Survey Rule (Regulation 11, Section 11.38) and the Backflow Prevention and Public Notification Rule were relatively minor. Unlike other rules, Regulation 11 does not have prescribed language around health effects when a Storage Tank Rule violation occurs. Public notification language for all rules is listed in the Public Notification Rule (Regulation 11, Section 11.33). An additional minor edit was proposed to remove a reference to violations in the Sanitary Survey Rule. Water systems will still be subject to violations during a sanitary survey, but with this change, they will no longer also violate the Sanitary Survey Rule, which was an unintended consequence and causes an undue administrative burden on water systems and the department without further protecting public health.   

These rules can be found in Regulation 11


Meetings and Materials

Before proposing the changes to the Water Quality Control Commission, the division hosted five stakeholder meetings to get feedback. All materials can be found on the 2020 Storage Tank Rule meeting materials files.



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