Ground ambulance licensing task force


Join by phone

Dial: (719) 359-4580 or (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 869 8839 4221

Passcode: 158171

Upcoming meetings
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Task force membership

This Ground Ambulance Licensing Task Force has been created by SEMTAC to advise the council on the proposed ground ambulance rules. Membership is appointed by the chair of SEMTAC.

Kathleen Adelgais, MD, MPH, FAAPSEMTAC
Richard CorneliusSEMTAC
Commissioner Sean C. WoodSEMTAC
James WoodworthSEMTAC
Scott SholesEMSAC
Glenn BurketEMS Physician Medical Director
Matt AngelidisEMS Physician Medical Director
Darrick GarciaSpecial District Ambulance Service
Kirby ClockSpecial District Ambulance Service
Tom AndersonPrivate Ambulance Service
Jeff SchanhalsRural/Frontier Ambulance Service
Gary BryskiewiczUrban Ambulance Service