Trauma designation process


Organizational profile

All trauma facilities must submit an updated profile at least once a year. The profile must be updated before your designation application can be started. If your organization does not have a profile gatekeeper, a person must be designated in this role. The designated gatekeeper must follow the instructions found on our organizational profiles page.

Steps to apply for designation

This process should be started six months prior to your next proposed trauma review.

  1. Update the required profile in OATH. See the guidance above.
  2. Find your facility's proposed review date on the trauma designation review schedule.
  3. Submit a trauma designation letter of intent form to request a designation review. EMTS staff will contact the facility to schedule a trauma designation review. Written notice of the review date and review team members will be sent to the facility.
  4. Download and review the appropriate scoring tool and other materials below before applying.
  5. Download the application for the desired trauma designation level below.
  6. Submit the completed application via secure upload or email to cdphe_hfemsd_traumadesignation@state.co.us at least four weeks prior to the trauma designation review.

After the review, findings will be presented to either the Designation Review Committee for levels III-V or the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council for levels I,II, and RPTC. The Scope and Severity Rubric is used to determine a designation recommendation. The department then notifies the facility in writing of the designation decision within 30 days of the scheduled committee meeting.