EMTS grant review schedule

SEMTAC provider grant review schedule

The State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council review of provider grant applications will occur on May 12 and 13, 2022. Find the review schedule on this page for specific application review times and Zoom meeting information. The review sessions will be virtual-only via Zoom meeting. 

Reviewer assignments


Group A 

  • Ryan Cook
  • Jeremy DeWall
  • Terri Foechterle
  • Rick Lewis
  • Mark Mason
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • G Austin Wagner

Group B

  • Kathleen Adelgais
  • Eric Campion
  • Richard Cornelius
  • Timothy Dienst
  • Marci Dowis
  • Fernando Gray
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Jean Sykes

Group C

  • Eric Hill
  • Zane Laubhan
  • John McVicker
  • Edward Pyun
  • Rachel Smith
  • Lora Thomas
  • Sean Wood
  • Shawn Howe

Group D

  • Michael Carter
  • Timothy Dienst
  • Marci Dowis
  • Carol Gould
  • Dawnelle Mathis
  • Keyan Riley
  • Brett Schroetlin
  • Benjamin Lantow

Regional grant review schedule

Each of Colorado's 11 Regional Emergency Medical & Trauma Advisory Councils (RETACs) reviews the applications submitted from its area. Review sessions are scheduled throughout March and April of each year. The RETAC application score constitutes 50% of the total grant application score.

Applicants will receive specific meeting information directly from their region's RETAC coordinator. A listing of scheduled RETAC grant review committee members will be posted on this page in March.