Scope of practice waiver reporting

Waiver data dictionary

The waiver data dictionary lists the required data elements that need to be submitted on the patient care report to the state EMS data repository when a waivered act is performed.

Data entry training

Waiver data entry training is available online at co.train.org. Data entry training must be completed by at least one person from each agency with an active waiver. A confirmation form will be presented at the end of the training video to verify completion by each agency.

Training updates may be required to maintain continued waiver coverage and stay current with data submission best practices. If an update is needed, communication will be sent to each agency with an active waiver.


Waiver data verification

As part of the waiver process, EMS medical directors must request access to the Colorado Health Informatics Data System (HIDS) portal. This is where medical directors or their designee will verify waiver data and complete any required cardiac arrest supplemental forms for waivered acts performed after EMS arrival.

Access instructions