Emergency Medical Service education programs

Emergency Medical Service provider/responder education centers and groups are recognized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. An education program account gatekeeper must be established to apply for education program recognition via the Online Application Tracking Hub portal.

Steps to apply for education program gatekeeper role

  1. Designate an education program account gatekeeper.
    • This is the primary contact for the education program.
    • Only one gatekeeper is allowed per education program.
  2. Contact the EMS Operations Specialist to request an application be added to the designated gatekeeper's OATH account.
  3. Find the gatekeeper application under the "My Applications" tab.
  4. Complete the Education Program - Account Gatekeeper application and await approval. 

After approval, the education program recognition applications will be visible under the "Service Applications" tab in the gatekeeper's OATH account. The education program gatekeeper role must be renewed every year or within 60 days of a staff change. 

Steps to apply or re-apply for education program recognition

  1. Gather all documents requested in the recognition application.
  2. Find the recognition application under the "Service Applications" tab.
  3. Complete and submit one of the recognition applications listed below.
    • Initial application - New education programs and programs expired for more than 6 months.
    • Update/activation application - Available in the gatekeeper's account 6 months before the program's expiration date.

Renewal of education program recognition is required 2 years after initial recognition and every 5 years thereafter.


Eric Lucas
EMS Operations Specialist