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EMTS Provider grant funding maximums


Ambulances and some EMTS equipment are subject to maximum funding allowances. The tables below show the maximum amount that the program will award for each type of vehicle and, if requested, VDR equipment. The maximums for cardiac monitors, defibrillators and data collection equipment are listed below the vehicle category.


Ambulances and other vehicles

Ambulance type
Vehicle base cost maximum
VDR hardware &, install
VDR base station
(if needed)
State share (50% match)
Type I - 2wd
Type I - 4wd
Type II – 2 or 4wd
Type III - 2wd
Ambulance remount/refurbish
85% of new for the same ambulance type
Other vehicle125% of base vehicle cost


Cardiac monitors and defibrillators

Equipment Type
Maximum total cost
State share
(at 50% match)
Cardiac monitor-defibrillator with
3-lead, non-invasive pacing, SPO2, ETCO2
Cardiac monitor-defibrillator with
12-lead, non-invasive pacing, SPO2, ETCO2


Data collection equipment

Equipment type
Maximum total cost
State share
(at 50% match)
Desktop computer$1,844$922
Non-rugged tablet\laptop


More information

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