EMS provider licensing


Applying for an EMS provider license

EMS providers now have the choice to apply for either EMS provider certification or EMS provider licensure. If seeking to convert your current certification to a license, a conversion form is available in your OATH account. To get started, click here to request a Convert to License form be added to your OATH account. Staff will review and add the form to your most recently approved EMS provider application in OATH. Instructions will be emailed to you after the form has been added to your account.  

The application to convert your certification to a license will expire ten days after it's been added to your OATH account. EMS provider licensure is optional. For more information, review the EMS provider licensing frequently asked questions page.



In addition to all other normal requirements for certification/licensure, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

One transcript establishing that the applicant has:

  • Completed a four-year bachelor’s degree program from an accredited college or university in a field related to the health sciences; or
  • Completed a four-year bachelor’s degree program from an accredited college or university in an equivalent field.

An equivalent field is defined as a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, which includes study of a minimum of forty semester credit hours from one or more of the following content areas:

Acceptable content areas
PhysicsMathematicsExercise science
SociologyPsychologyFire science
Public healthAnthropologyEducation
Business/financeEmergency medical servicesCommunications
Public safety  

Documentation of equivalent credit hours must be reviewed and approved by EMTS staff before a license can be issued.



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