Description of SEMTAC committees


The following specialized committees meet the day before each quarterly State Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council meeting. Each committee reports to the SEMTAC during the council meeting.

Designation review committee

  • Reviews the results of site reviews at Level III-IV trauma centers.
  • Each of the nine members is specifically appointed to represent the perspective of the EMS/pre-hospital community.
  • Members are appointed by the department on the recommendation of SEMTAC to serve for three years.
  • DRC policy and procedures.

Statewide trauma advisory committee

  • Joint standing advisory committee to the department and SEMTAC.
  • Responsible for advising the department and SEMTAC about the continued development of the trauma system in Colorado.
  • Consists of 11 members, six are members of and appointed by SEMTAC, and five members are appointed by the department.
  • STAC policy and procedures.

Prevention committee

  • A newly formed committee that replaces the injury prevention committee. New description will be updated after a mission statement is created by the committee.
  • Former injury prevention committee - Coordinates SEMTAC involvement in injury prevention initiatives by collaborating with Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Councils (RETACs), EMS providers, facilities, non-profit associations, public health organizations, and others.

Public policy and finance committee

  • Makes recommendations about public policy and legislation at the local, county, and state levels.
  • Provides resources to support the SEMTAC's mission.

EMS safety committee

  • Ongoing work group created by the SEMTAC in 2007 to improve safety practices within the Colorado EMS community.
  • Efforts are targeted toward provider and patient safety issues with an ongoing focus on the safe operation of ambulances.
  • Responsible for program planning of the Colorado EMS Safety Summit and monitoring national EMS safety initiatives on behalf of the State of Colorado.

Education committee

  • Standing advisory committee to SEMTAC and the department.
  • Advises SEMTAC and the department in the support of EMS and trauma systems education through communication, collaboration and guidance to meet the evolving education system needs.
  • Engages in educational initiatives with EMS education programs, instructors, RETACs, medical directors, EMS providers, and facilities to support SEMTAC’s mission.

Prevention committee

  • Newly formed committee 

Bylaws committee

  • Ensures the bylaws support the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council's (SEMTAC) mission.
  • Promotes council governance through the development, adoption and maintenance of council bylaws.