Air ambulance licensing and recognition


Licensing and recognition

Air ambulance services are licensed and regulated by the department. A license is required when patients are transported from any point within Colorado to any point within or outside of Colorado. Applicants must follow the instructions on this page to apply for a Colorado air ambulance license. For emergency transport information call: 303-503-1263.

Establish a profile gatekeeper

The following steps must be followed before your air ambulance service can apply for recognition or licensure:

  1. Designate a person as your Organizational Profile Account Gatekeeper who will submit and regularly update your organization's profile in the Online Application Tracking Hub (OATH).
  2. The designated person must follow the organizational profile account gatekeeper instructions to apply for the role.
  3. Once the profile gatekeeper has been established, the profile gatekeeper must submit the Organizational Profile Information form to gain access to the air ambulance license application. Visit the organizational profile webpage for more information.

Submit an air ambulance application

After an Organizational Profile Information form is submitted, our staff will review it and add the Air Ambulance License Application form to the profile gatekeeper's OATH account. A notification email will be sent to the profile gatekeeper once the application has been made available.


Air Ambulance licensing fees must be paid along with your air ambulance license application. Visit the air ambulance licensing fees webpage for more information.

Choosing an air ambulance licensing path

There are 3 different methods of gaining an air ambulance license in Colorado.


After hours line