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EMS and trauma funding

Grant incentive category

The EMTS Funding program is currently accepting requests to create an incentive grant category. Use the incentive category form to propose a reduced match or another incentive to encourage more applications for a specific grant category or project type. If SEMTAC approves the proposal, the incentive will be implemented for the fiscal year 2026 grant application cycle which opens in mid-December. Requests are due by July 1 and will be considered at the October SEMTAC Public Policy & Finance committee meeting.


Available funding 

There are 4 types of funding available through the EMTS funding program. Funds are available on a reimbursement basis to organizations that have the provision of emergency medical and trauma services as their primary purpose. 

CREATE education grants - The Colorado Resource for EMS and Trauma Education (CREATE) program supports initial training and continuing education for EMS and trauma service providers working for eligible organizations in Colorado. See the CREATE education grant page for more information.

Provider grants - Grant funds are available to help purchase: medical and rescue equipment, communications, data collection equipment and response vehicles. Support for personnel, recruitment and retention projects and other projects is also available. Grantees must provide matching funds if funded for a provider grant.

System improvement funding - System improvement funding supports regional or statewide projects to improve the emergency medical and trauma services system. These projects address a need identified by data with clearly defined activities and evaluation measures. 

Emergency grant funding - The emergency grant program assists Colorado EMS and trauma organizations that experience an emergency that seriously jeopardizes the level of EMS or trauma services within their service area. See the EMTS emergency grant page for more information. 

Detailed program descriptions and requirements for the current fiscal year can be found in the EMTS Funding Guide