Ground ambulance licensing

Ground ambulance licensing in Colorado

Ground ambulance services are licensed and regulated by the department. To verify a ground ambulance license, use the service lookup. Select the Certification Level ‘Licensed Ground Ambulance Service’ and click Search.

Ground and air ambulance services must collect and submit patient care data to the department through the Colorado ImageTrend Elite web portal.


Currently licensed ambulance services

The profile gatekeeper for currently licensed ambulance services must log in to OATH to perform the following updates:

  • Add/transfer a ground vehicle and request vehicle permits
  • Remove a ground vehicle
  • Update the Ground Ambulance Administrator
  • Submit a Mandatory Incident Report

Instructions are in the Ground Ambulance License - Application and Form Guidance document.


Apply for an initial ground ambulance license

The following steps must be followed before your ground ambulance service can apply for an initial license.

Establish a profile gatekeeper

Designate a person as your Organizational Profile Account Gatekeeper who will submit and regularly update your organization's profile and ground ambulance licensing applications in the Online Application Tracking Hub (OATH). To apply for the role, the designated person must follow the organizational profile account gatekeeper instructions. After the profile gatekeeper has been established, the profile gatekeeper must submit the Organizational Profile Information form to gain access to the "Ground Ambulance License - Initial" application. Visit the organizational profile webpage for more information.

Instruct the owner/operator to create an OATH account

Ensure the ground ambulance owner/operator has created an OATH account. This step is required for the gatekeeper to be able to assign the owner/operator role to this person in the initial application.

Submit a ground ambulance application

After submitting the Organizational Profile Information form, staff will review it and add the "Ground Ambulance License - Initial" application to the profile gatekeeper's OATH account. A notification email will be sent to the profile gatekeeper after the application has been made available.

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