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EMS compact in Colorado

In 2015, Colorado was the first state to pass the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) legislation into law. The EMS Compact helps facilitate the legal movement of credentialed EMS providers across state lines without the requirement of an additional state certification or license. Since 2015, over 20 states have enacted legislation.

Benefits of the compact include providing a framework, under authorized circumstances, for day-to-day movement across state lines by eliminating the need for dual or multiple certifications, facilitating cross-state responses to large-scale emergencies such as fires and floods, and ensuring consistent screening and standards between member states such as background checks and National Registry competencies.

What is the Privilege to Practice?

Individual EMS providers (EMTs, Advanced-EMTs, EMT-Intermediates or Paramedics) with a valid, unrestricted Colorado EMS certification or license, are granted a privilege to practice in another Compact state if they have EMS Medical Direction, are 18 years old or older, and are functioning under an approved compact scenario. 

Does Colorado recognize a privilege to practice from another EMS Compact state?

Yes, as a member of the EMS Compact, Colorado automatically grants a privilege to practice for EMS providers in other member states. It is the responsibility of the individual EMS provider to verify they are properly licensed in a EMS Compact state and are in compliance with all applicable Compact requirements, rules and regulations.

More information about the EMS Compact is available on the official Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice website, www.emscompact.gov.