Interstate commission for EMS personnel practice

EMS compact operational

The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice (EMS Compact Commission) declared the compact operational effective March 16, 2020. This decision enables EMS personnel licensed in compact member states (home states) to cross state borders using a privilege to practice and work in other compact states (remote state) without obtaining an EMS license/certification in the remote state.

Reporting of cross-state encounters

A manual reporting process is in place and must be utilized. For Colorado, email the following to:

  1. The first and last name of the out-of-state EMS provider who wants privilege to practice in Colorado.
  2. Home state name.
  3. The EMS provider's license or certification number from the home state.
  4. Current agency name.
  5. Medical director name.

More information

In 2015 Colorado was among the first states in the nation to pass the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact into law (aka REPLICA). This compact helps facilitate the legal interstate movement of credentialed EMS providers. Since then a total of nineteen states have enacted legislation, these states are: Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Nebraska, South Carolina, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Iowa,West Virginia and Indiana.

Benefits of the compact include providing a framework, under authorized circumstances, for day-to-day movement across state lines by eliminating the need for dual or multiple certifications, facilitating cross-state responses to large-scale emergencies such as fires and floods, and ensuring consistent screening and standards between member states such as background checks and National Registry competencies.