Emergency preparedness

Laboratory Response Network

The Laboratory Response Network (LRN) is a network of U.S. laboratories that can respond to biological and chemical threats, and other public health emergencies, established by the Centers for Disease Control. Our lab is part of that network, and our scientists are trained to respond to these concerns and threats.

Biological emergencies

Our microbiology program is designated by the Centers for Disease Control as an advanced level laboratory in the national network. We provide testing for potential agents of bioterrorism that are sent to our lab from other labs within the network (typically clinical and hospital labs). Scientists are trained to identify bacteria that cause anthrax, plague, and other diseases of public health concern.

Chemical emergencies

Our Chemistry program is also a part of the national network. Our chemists are trained to detect human exposure to various toxic chemicals, including cyanide, toxic metals, nerve agents and other toxins.

For response professionals:

Blood specimens

Urine specimens​