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Alcohol and drug testing laboratories

Laboratories must be certified by the Department to provide analysis. Participation in the Forensic Toxicology Laboratory certification program is based upon either, successful onsite annual inspection for non-accredited labs, or, ongoing accreditation status for accredited labs, in addition to successful proficiency testing performance in the category or categories the laboratory is certified in and ongoing compliance with Parts 5 through 9 of the Board of Health Rule (5CCR 1005-2).

The categories of certification include

  • Blood Alcohol
  • Blood Drug
  • Urine Drug
  • Post Mortem

To be certified, laboratories must meet standards of performance as defined by regulations. The standards include:

  • Personnel qualifications
  • Standard operating procedure manual
  • Analytical process
  • Proficiency testing
  • Quality control
  • Laboratory security
  • Chain of custody
  • Specimen retention
  • Space
  • Records
  • Results reporting