Newborn screening

hands forming the shape of a heart surrounding a baby's feet

Newborn screening is a set of tests that check newborn babies for a variety of conditions. Most of these conditions can't be seen at birth but can be tested and can be treated if found early.  Early detection is key to ensuring your baby’s health.


baby getting blood spot test

Blood spot screening

Like in the picture above, small samples of blood are collected from the baby when the newborn is a day or two old. Providers send these samples to us so we can check for various disorders. 

pulse oximetry on newborn's foot

Pulse oximetry screening

We are looking for a set of serious, life-threatening heart defects known as critical congenital heart disease or CCHDs. Early detection is key.

hearing screening

Hearing screening

It is important to test babies before they are one month old so they can benefit from different ways to learn language.


Information for providers and laboratories

A collection of resources such as tutorials for collection, ACT sheets, and program brochures.

Information for parents

Find out what your baby will be tested for, FAQs, and newsletter updates.




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