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Lab fees

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  1. Pay by check

    Send a check to:
    Colorado State Public Health Lab
    Accounts Receivable
    8100 Lowry Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80230

Who can receive an invoice?  

Clinical testing

The State Lab invoices the submitter for clinical testing — any testing that requires a human specimen. Submitters include local public health agencies, government entities, and health facilities only. We do not bill patients, insurance agencies, or Medicaid/Medicare.

Pay an invoice 

Include the top portion of your invoice, and write the invoice number on your check.

  1. Pay online

You also can pay online by credit card or e-check.
There is a convenience fee for online payments.

Billing cycle  

Invoices are processed monthly, by result date. Newborn blood spot screening invoices are processed monthly by the received date.

Collection agency notices

All unpaid bills go to the state collection agency per state policy. This is an automatic process. Collection fees are added to the original invoice amount. If you received a collection notice, contact the phone number on the notice. The total amount listed on the collection notice must be paid directly to the state collection agency to clear the account. Do not send your payment to the State Lab.

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Contact information

For lab billing questions or to change account information, contact us:   

Email: cdphe_dcphr_receivables@state.co.us.
Phone: 303-692-3085
Fax: 303-692-9989