Labeling collection bottles and completing the chain of custody form


Labeling collection bottles 

Include the following information on a label for each bottle:

  • Name of the collector or client
  • Collection location. Give each bottle distinct descriptions so the State Lab can tell the samples apart. For example, bathroom sink faucet and bathroom tub faucet — these are both found in the same room, but collected from different locations.
  • Collect date
  • Collect time. Use the 24-hour time format or include a.m. and p.m. when you write the collection time.

If the label does not match the information listed on the chain of custody/requisition form, the lab will not be able process your sample.

Completing the request for Analytical Services chain of custody form

A chain of custody form, request for Analytical Services, is included with each water testing bottle order. If you already have an account with the State Lab for testing, do not use this form and email cdphe_labcoordinators@state.co.us to get a personalized form. Customers who follow a compliance testing schedule should have an account with the State Lab. 

Complete one chain of custody form for each collection location. All fields in the top box of the requisition form are required. The lab cannot test your samples without a completed form. If you make a mistake when completing the form, cross it out and write your initials and the date. You can also print and complete a new form.

The following fields in the requisition form include:

  • Company name, if applicable
  • Address. This is the billing address.
  • Report to. List your name or the name of who the report will be sent to here.
  • Phone number 
  • Fax number, if applicable
  • Email. By default, we will email the results. Be sure the email is spelled correctly and legibly so it does not delay the return of your results. 
  • Water type. This may include well water, municipal water, lake, river, drinking water, etc.
  • Collection date
  • Collection time. Use the 24-hour time format or include a.m. and p.m. when you write the collection time.
  • Collected by. List the name of the person who collected the water sample.
  • Collection location. List the room and faucet where you collected the water sample. For example, kitchen faucet, bathroom sink faucet, and bathroom tub faucet are three different collect locations.
  • Address, city, and ZIP. List the street address of the collection location, if different than the billing address.
  • Relinquished by. At the bottom of the requisition form, sign and date the first “Relinquished by” if shipping the sample. Lab staff will ask you to sign this at sample drop-off. 

Results for most water tests are available within 28 days. Testing may be expedited to be done within 14 days for an additional fee. Expedited testing does not apply to bacterial testing. Results for bacteria testing are available within 72 hours.

Next, you will package and transport the samples to the lab.