Drinking water testing


Drinking water comes from a variety of sources, including public water systems, private wells, and bottled water. Know where your drinking water comes from, how it has been treated, and if it is safe to drink. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for drinking water quality in public water systems. These standards do not apply to privately owned wells or other individual water systems. Owners of private wells are responsible for ensuring that their well water is safe to drink.

Reports on the quality of state waters and other resources

Testing information

Submitting a water sample to the State Lab (step-by-step instructions)

Contact information

Environmental microbiology (bacteria in water)
Specify the water test in the subject line.
Phone: 303-692-3490
Fax: 303-691-4008

Chemistry laboratory (chemicals in water)
Specify the chemistry topic in the email subject line.
Voicemail line: 303-692-3048