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STI and HIV testing


What we do

The State Lab provides testing for the following sexually transmitted infections (STIs):

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (HIV Combo Antibody/Antigen EIA, HIV differentiation).
  • Syphilis (RPR, TP, VDRL, FTA).
  • Gonorrhea (urine, pharyngeal, and rectal testing).
  • Chlamydia (urine, pharyngeal, and rectal testing).
  • Trichomoniasis.

Information for patients


Testing information

Blood tube guidelines
  • To avoid hemolysis, blood should be centrifuged within 72 hours of collection, no matter the storage temperature.
  • NEVER freeze whole blood that has not been centrifuged.
  • NEVER freeze samples that have no gel separator. The serum may be pulled off after centrifugation and placed in a separate container for freezing.

  • Red top, tiger top, or other serum separator tubes may be used.
  • DO NOT collect blood into tubes with anticoagulants.

  • Red top, tiger top, or other serum separator tubes may be used.
  • Lavender tops (EDTA) and green tops (Lithium Heparin) are also acceptable.

  • The yellow Aptima Urine Specimen Collection kit and orange Aptima Multitest Swab Specimen Collection Kit are accepted.

Contact information

Serology Laboratory

Main Lab: 303-692-3485 

For supplies: 303-692-3074

Fax: 303-691-4911