Food testing


Lab featured in Associated Press story on E.coli in Romaine lettuce

We provide testing services to detect microorganisms in food, milk, and water.
  • The laboratory is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for water testing and by the Food and Drug Administration for milk testing.
  • We actively support inspection programs and participate in all foodborne illness outbreaks initiated by local public health agencies.
  • The laboratory serves as a Food Emergency Response Network site supported through the FDA and participates in the national Retail Food Surveillance Program in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and the Center for Veterinary Medicine.
  • Any bacterial strain from retail meat is sent to the CVM to identify antibiotic resistance profiles that may impact public health.
Our lab participates in a cooperative agreement with the Food Emergency Response Network. We have methods in place to test foods for this network. Our chemistry scientists test bottled water, meat, sushi rice, canned goods and other products for food safety.



Tests performed:
Food Testing Cost
Anaerobes, food $200.00
Bacillus cereus culture, food $85.00
C. perfringens culture, food $120.00
E. coli O157, food $85.00
Listeria, food $75.00
Salmonella, food $90.00
Shigella, food $85.00
Staph aureus count, food $85.00
Aerobic Plate Count $37.00
Listeria environmental swabs $55.00
Salmonella environmental swabs $55.00
Direct Examination $35.00/hour

 Food testing fees and rush prices