Water quality: Final permit actions

We provide final permit actions, per the Colorado discharge permit regulations. These include permits that have been issued. Documents will be posted here for a limited time. After they are removed, you can view all documents through our online records system.

Get copies of all permit action documents or call the records center at 303-692-3600.

Permit number/
Permit Action Documents
Permit Records
Issue date
General Permit
CDPS General Permit for Discharges from Stormwater Runoff Associated with Non-Extractive Industrial Activity
Statewide General Permit   COR900000 4/28/2023
CO0046931 Modification 6 Pacificorp Silver Bell Tailings Impondment 46931  Documents CO0046931 3/31/2023
Modification 4
Colowyo Coal Company L.P. Colowyo Coal Mine 45161  Documents CO0045161 3/31/2023