CEOS - Dewatering General Permit Program

Permit applications, Dewatering training, Compliance assistance, and Technical resources 

The Water Quality Control Division processes all dewatering-program permit actions through the Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) portal. Use this page to access CEOS and to find guidance and technical resources for completing and submitting permit applications. 

Dewatering General Permits and Fact Sheets
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CEOS guidance and assistance:

          Email: cdphe_ceos_support@state.co.us  or cdphe_wqcd_permits@state.co.us

          Permits Phone: 303-692-3517

Dewatering permit overview and application guidance:
Required application supplemental forms:
Dewatering training, compliance assistance, and technical resources
Dewatering renewal training:

The division hosted an online training session on the dewatering general permits that were renewed and effective on June 1, 2020. The training highlights the differences between the previous permits and the renewal permits. Compliance assistance guidance documents are also provided.

Dewatering compliance assistance:
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS):
Selenium Treatment:
Determining low flow:
Maps, tools, and searchable databases:
Additional Resources: