Clean Water Permits - For Permittees

These tabs include pages that may be of particular use to permittees. Some other resources that may be useful:

  • We encourage you to keep up to date on Colorado water quality actions that could affect your permit (like rulemakings, renewal actions, and policies) by signing up for the Water Quality Bulletin and attending quarterly Clean Water webinars.
  • A link to Onbase where you can find your permit record.
  • A slideshow that walks through potential ways for permittees to address concerns with their discharge permits. It includes information on permit limits and antidegradation alternative analyses and addresses the following permittee scenarios:
    • The permittee has a new or more stringent limit and seeks more time to come into compliance.
    • The permittee disagrees with the standards or use classifications on which the permit limits are based.
    • The permittee is struggling to meet the permit’s WQBELs but is not objecting to the standard or classification.
    • The permittee believes they can’t meet the permit’s anti-degradation limits.
    • The permittee believes the permit has mistakes.
    • There is new information that could lead to changes in the permit.
  • A spreadsheet of permitting contacts by permit topics.
  • Examples of antidegradation alternative analyses.
  • Information about your clean water bill and permit fees.
  • Are your permit contacts correct? Are we sending our emails to the right people? To check that your permit contact information is correct, look up your permit number in this list of all active clean water permits. If your contact information is incorrect, please change your contacts in CEOS (for certifications under general permits COR400000, COG080000, COG317000, COG318000, COG603000, COG608000) or fill out the "change of contact form", and send the signed form to cdphe.wqrecordscenter@state.co.us.