Clean water permitting sectors


Here is a spreadsheet of permitting contacts by permit category.

Click below for information about permitting, forms, planning, compliance assistance and guidance, enforcement, and contact information for each permit category.

  • Commerce and industry
    • For discharges from commercial and industrial activities - aquatic animal production, commercial washing outdoor structures, coal mining, metal mining, sand and gravel mining, non-extractive industrial, produced water, non-contact cooling water, subterranean dewatering or well development, and water treatment plant wastewater discharges.
  • Construction
    • For discharges from construction stormwater (erosion control) and hydrostatic testing.
  • Dewatering General Permit Program
    • For discharges from construction dewatering, remediation, subterranean (foundation) dewatering, and well development and pumping test activities.
  • Municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4)
    • For discharges from municipalities' storm sewer systems.
  • Domestic and Other Discharges to Groundwater Permits 
    • For sewage system and other non-dewatering discharges to groundwater 
  • Domestic Discharges to Surface Water 
    • For sewage system discharges to surface water. 
    • Includes links to Water Quality Planning Target and PEL information and applications
  • Industrial Stormwater 
    • General Industrial Stormwater Permit for Non-Extractive Industries and No Exposure Exclusions
    • Note that domestic systems may also be required to obtain this permit
  • Biosolids.
    • For use and application of biosolids.
  • Pesticides.
    • For discharges from application of pesticides.
  • Reclaimed water.
    • For reuse of treated domestic wastewater.
  • Pretreatment.
    • For nondomestic wastewater to be discharged to a wastewater system.