Outbreak response

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Ready-to-use resources to quickly increase capacity for responding to clusters

STI and HIV testing and treatment locator

  • Find health care providers near you that offer testing and/or treatment for STIs and HIV.

  • Master list of syringe access programs (SAPs) across Colorado 
    • SAPs can support patients with sterile equipment, overdose prevention materials, and referrals to support services. 
      • *Limited* mail-based program by CHN
        • This program provides mail-based access to infectious disease and overdose prevention materials in rural western and southern Colorado. 
  • Naloxone Bulk Purchase Fund Opportunity
    • Colorado Senate Bill 19-227 created the Opiate Antagonist - Naloxone Bulk Purchase Fund. It allows eligible entities to purchase opiate antagonists, such as naloxone or Narcan, at low or no cost. Hospitals and any setting with a pharmacy are ineligible for this fund. 
    • Stoptheclockcolorado.com has a list of pharmacies that carry naloxone. 

Points of contact for questions regarding drug user health and harm reduction

Sophie Feffer, Drug User Health Coordinator | Email: sophie.feffer@state.co.us

Haley Klein, Drug User Health Specialist | Email: haley.klein@state.co.us

Condom and Lubricant Request Form for organizations working to prevent the spread of HIV and STIs

  • Agencies that intend to receive condoms and lubricants through this program must submit a plan through this form describing the populations they intend to serve.

If you are requesting tests for the first time, or have employees who have not had experience with point-of-care tests, review this job aide for non-clinical providers administering point-of-care rapid syphilis testing prior to requesting tests.

At-home STI/HIV/VH test kits for distribution within your service area using the Imaware Bulk Order Form

  • After submitting this form as a health agency, allow up to seven business days for your order to be processed.

HIV only: clients can order their own at-home OraQuick HIV test kits:

Rapid Testing Order form: Free HIV, HCV, and syphilis tests for agencies through the OSHV

  • Allow up to seven business days for your order to be processed.

Find more information about the tests that are available through the OSHV request form below:

Syphilis Health Check (SHC) - 10-minute test (syphilis only)

Chembio DPP HIV-Syphilis - 15-minute test (dual HIV 1/2 antibody and syphilis)

  • Chembio DPP HIV-Syphilis - One box of 20 tests and requires a digital reader and external controls
  • Training: This can be done in person or virtually with Chembio representatives. Additionally, here is a training video on how to administer the test.

DETERMINE™ Alere HIV-1/2 AG/AB COMBO - 20-minute test (HIV 1/2 only "4th gen" test - p24 antigen and 1/2 antibody)

INSTI HIV-1 / HIV-2 Antibody Test - One-minute tests (HIV 1/2 antibody only)

OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test - 20-minute test, self-administered oral swab – no blood (HIV 1/2 antibody only), no external controls.

OraQuick® In-Home HCV Test

Reporting positive tests

Note: All completed confidential report forms should be sent securely to the OSHV via fax (303-782-5393) or email: cdphe_sti_hiv_vhep_diseasereporting@state.co.us.

Gonorrhea - Suspected Tx Failure

Points of contact for questions regarding disease reporting


Appropriate contact within the OSHV


Peter Brandauer

HIV Disease Reporting Unit Supervisor

Email: peter.brandauer@state.co.us


Juan Manuel Lopez-Reyes

Syphilis Case Ascertainment Unit Supervisor

Email: juan.lopez-reyes@state.co.us

Gonorrhea and chlamydia

Arely Tarin-Gonzales 

CT/GC Case Ascertainment Unit Supervisor

Email: arely.tarin-gonzalez@state.co.us

Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea (ARGC)

Visit this webpage: Resources for Potential GC Treatment Failures or GC Outbreaks

Arely Tarin-Gonzales 

CT/GC Case Ascertainment Unit Supervisor

Email: arely.tarin-gonzalez@state.co.us

Viral hepatitis

Robert McGoey

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator

Email: robert.mcgoey@state.co.us

Population-specific marketing materials

NCSD’s Adolescent Health External Resource Compendium

  • An interactive hub filled with a variety of resources for adolescents, young adults, and anyone who works with them.
    Included resources cover a number of populations, media types, and key priorities with a focus on resources that promote health equity and center marginalized populations. 

IN THE OPEN: YouTube series by the National Coalition for Sexual Health

  • In the Open is a person-on-the-street video series asking young adults the tough questions about sex, relationships, rejection, pleasure, and more.


CDC’s HIV Risk Reduction Tool

  • Clients can use this tool to get information about their risk of getting or transmitting HIV and how they can reduce their risk.

HIV Turn-ons Campaign from Colorado’s Office of STI/HIV/VH

  • Stigma-reducing marketing campaign for HIV

CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together Campaign


Congenital syphilis marketing

Congenital Syphilis Marketing Campaign, developed by the Office of STI/HIV/VH

  • Marketing materials geared toward reducing stigma for individuals in Colorado

CDC’s Show Your Love app

  • The Show Your Love app helps women navigate their pathway to pregnancy. The app supports women who wish to become pregnant plan their pregnancy and chart their course, offering features to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including:
    • Daily tracking of behaviors
    • Tips, tools, and resources for healthy behaviors
    • Helpful reminders, including appointments, ovulation, and taking medication

Congenital Syphilis Media Campaign Materials from NCSD


CDC’s STI Awareness Week marketing materials

  • Clients can learn about STIs and how to prevent them, including instructions on how to correctly use protection.

Patient education materials for chlamydia from the National Chlamydia Coalition
CDC’s Safer Sex Game Plan marketing materials


Gonorrhea - Resources for all Coloradans

  • Informational webpage from CDPHE

American Family Physician Gonorrhea informational campaign

  • One page of information regarding gonorrhea, how it is transmitted, treated, and resources for more information.

Hepatitis C

CDC’s Know More Hepatitis Campaign for HCV

Hepatitis B

CDC’s Know More Hepatitis Campaign for HBV

Reach out to Natalie Oda, STI/HIV/VH Outbreak Response Coordinator, to request assistance to develop more tailored marketing materials for your service area.