Workgroups of the Alliance

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Contact Gilbert Irazarry at or 303-692-6382 if you have any questions. Group meetings and all deliberations are open to anyone who is interested.

NOTE: Work groups subject to intermittent pause as specifically designated work is completed.

 The HIV Testing Working Group

The Colorado HIV and AIDS Strategy (COHAS) speaks extensively to the need for advances in testing. Here’s one of many recommendations from the strategy:

Use HIV surveillance data to plan the allocation of HIV testing resources. Analyze newly reported HIV cases to inform local prevention efforts through aggregate data sharing between us and contracted agencies within the five counties that have the highest proportion of HIV cases in the state (Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Jeffersonand El Paso counties). (Page34)

In addition, CDPHE made the following commitment in COHAS:

Actively involving the Alliance in the rewriting of the Colorado Comprehensive HIV Testing Plan in the first quarter of 2015, which will include specific activities around maintaining accessible public health funded testing, promoting HIV testing funded by other payers (including Medicaid and commercial health insurance), and incorporating new testing technologies (most notably, home HIV testing). (Page 68)

Ultimately, the working group will draft a Colorado Comprehensive HIV Testing Plan that will be presented to the Alliance and its designated committee(s).


 The PrEP Working Group

The Colorado HIV and AIDS Strategy also stresses the growing importance of PrEP:

For HIV-negative individuals at highest risk of infection, provide interventions tailored to their needs, such as CRCS, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Non-occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP), and counseling for serodiscordant couples. Develop a network of trained, coordinated health care providers that can support PrEP and nPEP. (Page25)

Ultimately, the PrEP Working Group will draft a Colorado PrEP Strategy that will be presented to the Alliance and its designated committee(s).

 PWID Working Group - Services for People Who Inject Drugs

The Colorado HIV and AIDS Strategy focuses attention on the relationship between injection drug use and HIV prevention, care and treatment, “Individuals with alcohol and other substance use disorders are at increased risk for poor retention in care, poor adherence, and virologic failure.” (Page 52) Also describes strategies for addressing the need, including, “Strengthen access to services for IDU, including methadone, syringe exchange and buprenorphine. Fund HIV prevention interventions tailored to the needs of IDU.” (Page 55)