Public Health Detailing (PHD)


Public Health Detailing works with clinicians to improve STI/HIV knowledge and skills. We also provide resources on prevention, screening, treatment and capacity building potential. Public Health Detailing’s goal is to partner with clinicians to end the STI/HIV impact on our Colorado communities.
Public Health Detailing: 

  • Complements clinician’s work by helping them stay up to date on current trends in STI/HIV. 
  • Encourages evidence-based practice to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.
  • Offers resources and other skills to help clinicians navigate sexual health conversations that positively impact patient health and well-being.
  • Is interested in challenges your practice has experienced and is here to support work!

Meet Our Public Health Detailer:

rachelle's headshot
Rachelle Woods, MSN, RN, ACRN

Rachelle Woods is an HIV/AIDS Certified Registered Nurse who’s been caring for Colorado communities for over 25 years. An experienced nurse leader and clinical educator, Rachelle brings a wealth of experience deeply rooted in Women and Children’s services including transgender health care, STI/HIV, family planning, and infection control.


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