Bicillin Access Program


We are aware that jurisdictions may currently be experiencing challenges procuring enough Bicillin L-A® to meet their syphilis treatment needs. As we await resolution of this issue, it remains critical that limited inventory be used to treat patients according to current CDC guidelines. Please review CDC’s Clinical Reminders during Bicillin L-A® Shortage.

CDPHE’s Office of Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV/Viral Hepatitis is pleased to announce that it can support Colorado medical providers by purchasing a limited supply of medication and providing those medications directly to diagnosing providers. This will ensure equitable access to syphilis treatments for patients who cannot afford the cost of their treatment and for providers who are unable to obtain medications for timely treatment of syphilis. Due to the limited supply, CDPHE will prioritize bicillin to those who are pregnant and those with concerns regarding the patient’s adherence to oral medication.

How do providers order Bicillin?

A community health provider must submit a medication request to the Office of Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV/Viral Hepatitis. Upon approval, CDPHE will send the request to a designated contracted pharmacy for fulfillment. The designated pharmacy and CDPHE will coordinate delivery and/or distribution through a CDPHE-led courier service using Disease Intervention Specialists to transport medication directly from the pharmacy to community health providers in the Denver metro area. Providers outside of the Denver Metro area will be shipped the requested medication directly via overnight transport through FedEx.

Please complete the Bicillin Request Form and allow for 48 hours. For immediate concerns, please contact the Prevention & Field Services program at 303-692-6226.