After an outbreak has been closed, the response team involved in the outbreak response will meet to discuss the process and outcomes of the response activities. Relevant data will be reviewed by the team. Debrief findings will be documented and referenced when developing future response activities. Below are example evaluation questions:


Example evaluation questions

Outbreak identification

  • Did the existing outbreak detection system allow for quick notification of a possible outbreak?

Data collection/management

  • Was necessary data accessible?
    • If not, what were the barriers to collecting needed data?
  • What data sources were most helpful in elucidating the outbreak and its characteristics?

Disease investigation

  • Did the number of cases change upon additional investigation?
  • Was the number of staff dedicated to the outbreak response adequate for the amount of outbreak-associated cases?

Community partner mobilization

  • Was the outbreak response team able to effectively communicate with community partners and stakeholders regarding the outbreak response?
  • Were the knowledge, background, and culture of community partners being leveraged for effective outbreak response?

Office outbreak management 

  • Was communication within the office regarding outbreak information clear and concise?

Resource allocation

  • Were resources identified and disseminated in a timely manner?
  • Was additional funding acquired as a result of the outbreak response?

Health outcomes

  • What were the barriers to care that outbreak-related cases faced?
  • Has the morbidity of the infection been reduced in the area of the response?

Staff capacity (NCSD SIG meeting)

  • Did the outbreak response effectively utilize the time and expertise of staff?
  • Did all staff members clearly understand their role in the outbreak response and how they were to prioritize their work?

Outbreak response plan applicability 

  • Did activation of the ORP allow for multiple voices in planning, implementing, interpreting, and decision-making?