Resources for Potential GC Treatment Failures or GC Outbreaks

Treatment Failure Concerns Resources


Dr. Karen Wendel is the Director of HIV/STD Prevention and Control Division at the Public Health Institute at Denver Health. In this capacity, she works with the Denver Sexual Health Clinic (DSHC) and Denver Prevention Training Center (DPTC) to promote STD education and care in our region and is the Medical Director for the CO SURRG Project. Through the DPTC, Dr. Wendel and her team can provide clinical consultation if you suspect GC treatment failure in a client. Consultation can be accessed through the STD Clinical Consultation Network (STDCCN).

If you suspect your patient may be a treatment failure and your clinic or agency cannot perform a gonorrhea culture and susceptibility testing, our CO SURRG team can help coordinate culture testing and any necessary treatment through our partner site, the Denver Sexual Health Clinic. If the client is unable to commute to this clinic, culture testing supplies and susceptibility testing can be coordinated by the CO SURRG Team.

Specimen Collection for N. gonorrhoeae