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Strengthening the U.S. Response to Resistant Gonorrhea - SURRG


Colorado’s Center of Excellence for Gonorrhea is a virtual platform to educate, support, and provide resources about gonorrhea for our health care providers, our local public health agencies, and all Coloradoans.

Gonorrhea is the second highest reportable condition in the nation, with Chlamydia being the highest. With the volume of cases our state sees each year, it is important to ensure we can collect as much information about the patient and their healthcare experience as possible through enhanced surveillance. This includes information on whether the patient was treated or not, what signs/symptoms of disease they experience, and any information about the frequency and types of sexual behaviors they practice. This helps inform interventions by public health programs to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the future. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in partnership with the Institute of Public Health and Denver Health conducts enhanced surveillance on cases of gonorrhea through the CDC-funded grant: Strengthening the US Response to Resistant Gonorrhea (SURRG).

Gonorrhea Antimicrobial Susceptibility Decrease Over Last Decade

two gonorrhea charts from the CDC


Resources for Health Care Providers, Local Public Health Agencies, and All Coloradoans.