Limited Scope X-Ray Operators frequently asked questions

Rules and regulations pertaining to radiation control (6CCR 1007-1)


I am already a registered limited scope operator in the State of Colorado, how do I renew my registration?

  • If you are already registered as a Limited Scope Operator with the State of Colorado, email the completed the R-90 renewal application with documentation of twenty-four (24) hours of radiology related continuing education credits and the $60.00 fee to cdphe.hmxraycomments@state.co.us.

I am already a registered limited scope operator in another state (other than Colorado), does my limited scope registration automatically carry over from state to state?

  • States have different requirements for limited scope operators and the educational and clinical training requirements vary considerably. Please email cdphe.hmxraycomments@state.co.us with information on which state you are currently registered in and any documentation related to your initial training. Additional documentation may be requested to see if you meet the requirements in the state of Colorado.

What is required to meet the 480 hours of clinical training and who can provide this training?

  • Clinical training can be documented in a medical office or a medical setting under a qualified trainer. Qualified trainers include a physician, a radiologic technologist, a formal instructor employed by a training or education facility or a Colorado registered limited scope operator.

Does CDPHE conduct the Limited-Scope Operator test?

  • No, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) through a third party testing center administers the limited scope operator test.

Does all the clinical training need to be performed under personal supervision for limited-scope operators?

  • At least 480 hours of clinical training needs to be performed under personal supervision of a qualified trainer which means the supervisor is present in the facility and immediately available to furnish assistance and direction to the supervisee throughout the performance of a procedure. Up to 160 hours can be performed in laboratory training.

How are the 80 hours of didactic (classroom) training obtained?

Is there a form available to document education & training?

  • Yes, the R71- form “Didactic training and clinical experience for limited scope operator” can be obtained on the x-ray website. The R71 form can be used to attest to your educational and clinical training. You will need to obtain signatures by your instructor or trainer to verify you have met the requirements. In lieu of the R71 form, documentation can be submitted for review. Some examples of acceptable documentation include documentation of clinical exams, copies of training certificates and school transcripts.

What type of continuing education is required for Colorado registered limited-scope x-ray operators?

  • Limited-scope operators can obtain continuing education in any subject directly related to radiology. The limited-scope x-ray operator must maintain a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education every two (2) years in the areas of radiology, radiation safety, radiography and similar fields. Individuals qualified in the field can provide continuing education, directed readings and courses found on various web sites related to radiology education.

If I fail the limited-scope x-ray operator exam, can the test be taken over again? How many times can the test be given to someone who fails?

  • Yes, you have up to three (3) attempts to pass ARRT exam for limited scope operators. The three (3) attempts must be completed within two (2) years of your initial application date stated on your application term date letter. A passing score is 75% on the Core section and a cumulative score of 75% on the additional sections. With each attempt, you must submit a R70 application along with the $60.00 processing fee. You may continue to train under supervision while retesting and have two years from the application term end date letter to pass the test.

If someone fails to renew with the department as a limited scope operator, will they lose their limited-scope status with the state?

  • Yes, failure to renew will result in not being registered as a limited-scope operator in the State of Colorado.

I passed all but two sections of the test do I need to retake the entire exam?

  • No, you must pass the core section with a score of 75% and obtain a cumulative score of 75% on the additional sections. You are allowed three (3) attempts within the two-year window from the initial application date on the application term date Letter. You must pay a $140.00 testing fee ($150 fee increase as of 1/1/2022) to ARRT each time you take the test, regardless of the number of modules you need to retake. The X-ray Certification Unit also requires a new application and the $60.00 processing handling fee. You may continue to train under supervision while retesting and have two years from the application term end date letter to pass the test.

Initially, how long after training ends does a limited-scope operator have to register with the department?

  • Application for registration as a limited scope operator must be made within one year upon completion of the requirements the didactic (classroom) portion and (90) calendar days upon completion of the requirements of the clinical requirements. All approved limited-scope x-ray operators will receive a letter of registration and the on-line verification posting will be valid for two (2) years once passing results have been received from the ARRT state examination.

Is there a fee to register with the department for limited-scope?

  • Yes, there is a non-refundable, $60.00 processing fee each time an application is submitted to the department.

Is there a certificate from the department once the x-ray operator registers?

How long does it take to get results of the ARRT limited-scope x-ray operator examination?

  • It can take up to 4-6 weeks to receive your exam results from the x-ray unit. Once you take the ARRT test, your score will be returned to CDPHE by mail, and the results will be evaluated. We will email a letter with your results within approximately 30 business days (not to include weekends, holidays, inclement weather closings, etc.). We do not give results to employers or over the telephone.

What procedures can a limited-scope operator perform?

  • X-ray procedures include skull, chest, hip/pelvis, spine/sacrum, KUB abdominal series, upper extremities and lower extremities.
  • Procedures that cannot be performed by the limited-scope x-ray operator include radiologic procedures involving the administration or utilization of contrast media, bone densitometry, fluoroscopy, mammography, computed tomography, or radiation therapy procedures.

Can a limited-scope operator perform fluoroscopy or CT procedures?

  • No, limited scope x-ray machine operators cannot perform radiologic procedures involving the administration or utilization of contrast media, bone densitometry, fluoroscopic, mammography, computed tomography, or radiation therapy procedures.

Are rural areas of the state who have limited-scope operators given any special considerations in the regulation?

  • No, limited-scope operators must meet the same requirements regardless of the area of the state where they are employed.

Can I pay for my application fees electronically?

  • Yes, you can make online payments via credit/debit card or electronic check (additional processing fees apply). Contact CDPHE by email: cdphe.hmxraycomments@state.co.us to obtain additional information regarding payment options.

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For additional questions or comments, please contact CDPHE X-ray Certification Unit at: cdphe.hmxraycomments@state.co.us or call 303-692-3448.