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Generally licensed devices

A generally licensed device, or “GL” device, is a device containing radioactive materials that is typically used to detect, measure, gauge, or control the thickness, density, level, or chemical composition of various items.

Examples of GL devices include:

  • Tritium exit signs.
  • Gas chromatographs.
  • Density gauges.
  • Fill-level gauges.
  • Static elimination devices.

A general licensee is a person or organization that acquires, uses, or possesses a GL device and has received the device through an authorized transfer by the device manufacturer or a distributor.

We register and track these GL devices in order ensure they are properly maintained and disposed of or transferred properly.

Regulatory information for general licensees and devices

R-27 Certificate – in-vitro testing with radioactive materials under a general license

Fact sheet on tritium exit signs