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Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that is found in soils in Colorado that can make its way into homes and buildings. Since radon can cause cancer, all Coloradans are encouraged to test for radon and install mitigation systems when radon levels are above the recommended levels.

Radon in Colorado

General information about radiation and radioactive materials

Non-ionizing sources of radiation (EMF, 5G cell phones, smart meters, etc.)

The Colorado Radiation Control Act, does not give us authority to regulate sources of non-ionizing radiation. Therefore, we do not regulate sources of non-ionizing radiation that may include or involve electromagnetic fields (also known as EMF); “smart” meters; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices; ultrasound devices; lasers for any purpose; microwave devices; or 4G/5G cell phone devices, or equipment or towers.

Additional information on sources of non-ionizing radiation:

For more information regarding EMF, contact the CDPHE toxicology staff.

Sites and facilities of interest to the public

Information about past, current or proposed activities, proposed processes, sites, or former sites that use or handle radioactive material that may impact or have impacts on the environment. Note that some sites/facilities may be regulated or have oversight by other state or federal agencies or other CDPHE programs.