X-Ray machine certification labels

Machine certification labels may only be ordered for use in Colorado by a qualified inspector registered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
If you have not ordered labels via the electronic form, be sure to read the instructions below before proceeding.


  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Complete the information on the order form.
    1. Please note your QI number will be used as a Reference ID Number for the payment webpage.
    2. Labels are $60 each. Please note the amount you need to pay as you will need to enter it into the payment webpage.
  3. After clicking the submit button, you will be redirected to a success page that confirms your order. You will also receive an email confirmation.From this page, you can click on a link to pay for your order.
  4. At the payment website you will enter your QI number for the Reference ID Number and the amount you are paying.
  5. At checkout a service fee will be added for financial processing. After you click on "Checkout", the value shown after "Your total cost for purchasing this item through Colorado.gov is: $##.##" includes the service fee for paying with a credit card.
    1. Credit Card: the total amount owed is displayed when you click on "Checkout." For example, the total cost of one CE label will be $60 plus $2.12 service fee for a total of $62.12.
    2. Electronic Check: the total amount owed will be the number of labels ordered times $60 plus $1. For example the total cost of one CE label will be $60 plus $1 service fee for a total of $61.
  6. After a payment has been made, use the button on the website to print your receipt.
  7. Email your receipt to cdphe_xray_qisc@state.co.us
After we receive your receipt and your order request, your labels will be shipped via Fed Ex Express Saver (no signature required) unless your shipping address is a Post Office box. In that case, your order will be sent via USPS Priority Mail, which may take up to three business days to arrive. An email will be sent to you at the time of shipping to notify you of your Fed Ex tracking number, if applicable.
For questions regarding Machine Certification Label Sales, please contact the CDPHE Xray unit at 303-692-3448 or cdphe_xray_qisc@state.co.us.