X-ray reciprocity

Form R-200 - Radiation-producing machines reciprocity application

You also can obtain a copy by contacting:
Customer technical assistance
Phone: 303-692-3448
  • You may be granted authorization to bring radiation-producing machines into Colorado for temporary use for a period up to 180 days in any calendar year.
  • Written notice using Form R-200 must be provided to us at least 15 calendar days before the machine is to be used in the state and you must receive written authorization from us before the machine enters the state.
While in Colorado, you must have in your possession:
  • Machine registration documentation.
  • Our written authorization for in-state activities.
  • A current copy of the applicable parts of the Colorado radiation regulations.
  • Documentation that each radiation machine has been evaluated in accordance with the Colorado regulations.
  • Any other documentation we require.
There's no annual fee associated with radiation-producing machine reciprocity.